Power supplies for AES consoles

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Power supplies for AES consoles

Postby SpyAlelo » Wed Aug 17, 2016 11:05 am

Here's a list of the power supplies that can be used with the AES consoles, depending on their model:

AES Pro-Pow, Pro-Pow-UL, Pro-Pow-PAL and Pro-Pow2:
  • Original power supply: 5V (regulated) 3A max. Negative barrel tip.
  • The system is rated at 8W so the minimum current at 5v is 1.6A.
  • Max current can be oversized, recommended minimum amperage (to be safe) is 2A

AES Pro-Pow-E and Pro-Pow3:
  • Original power supply: 9v -> 12v (unregulated) ±3v 1A max. Negative barrel tip.
  • A regulated power supply can also be used between 9v and 12v, 1A.
  • The original Genesis/MegaDrive power supply can be used.
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