One-gallon recipe for Alexander’s wine grape concentrates

Normally the cans of grape concentrate sold by Alexander & Sons/California Concentrate Company are meant to be sold in pairs, as the default recipe is for a 5-gallon batch, and requires 2 46fl.oz. cans.

I’m not up for 5gallon batches yet (no room), so here we are with the recipe numbers converted and usable for smaller batches.
These will be calculated out per gallon of finished wine. Each can has enough for 2 1gallon batches, with some concentrate left over for backsweetening if you desire.

One-gallon batch:
Alexander’s(tm) Concentrate – 2.3 cups
Cold water – 2.3 “cans” (13.225 cups, or ~3.3qt)
White granulated sugar – 1 cup.

And then follow standard yeast/nutrient amounts for a 1-gallon batch.

I find the numbers kind of funny when converting this all down to cups/cans etc. 2.3 cups per gallon, 2.3 cans of water, etc.
Ignore me 😛

I hope this helps others wanting to brew small batches with something a bit better than Welch’s. These concentrates are available at most wine shops, and fairly inexpensively for the amount of product you end up with.

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  1. james (Post author)

    Do note, this is really meant to be more of a guideline – adjust the amounts as you see fit.
    I couldn’t actually fit all the amounts I listed in 1gal containers, so when actually starting the batches I ended up with a little less water than normal.
    This might be due to the added sugar not having been dissolved yet, however.

    Anyhoo, YMMV.


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