Upcoming Projects!

We know it’s been quiet here on the blog, life has done its thing and we’ve been busy.

Upcoming stuffs:

  • Sega Genesis model 1 overclock mod
  • Sega Genesis model 1 S-Video mod
  • Syma X5SW quadcopter upgrade (keep an eye open for this one soon, LOTS of good resources!)
  • Commodore C64c restoration (and upgrade?)
  • Apple Powerbook 190cs capacitor replacement w/storage upgrade
  • HP Omnibook 530 capacitor replacement w/storage upgrade
  • Neo Geo MVS MV-1C arcade board consolization with mods designed by our very own Edmar, and custom case designed by me
  • PC Engine, NEC CDROM2, and IFU capacitor replacement and video mod

I’ll be taking pictures and such during the projects to document here, but if you want to watch me work on them live, they’ll be streamed on YouTube here.

See you all then!

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