“Small” speaker build

I’ve had a pair of these 3″ Tang Band drivers that I got from a Parts-Express buyout that have been sitting idle far too long, so I decided it was time to build a box for them.
I envisionsed a somewhat portable speaker bar setup, but after doing some calculations with various speaker box design suites it turned out that optimal ported box sizes for these little speakers are a bit too large.
Like, over two feet long, and 7 inches deep. TV speaker bar territory here, and a bit larger than my Replicator 2 could work with.
So I started researching alternate designs, ways to increase effective cabinet volume, and came across the transmission line speaker concept. This is something that Bose, among others, have put to quite effective use, and is why they are able to get such big sound from a small speaker and cabinet volume.
There are ways of calculating optimal line length and whathaveyou, but I decided screw it, let’s just pack as long a port as I can in a small space. Worked for the Bose Wave Radio, right?


It’s like the speaker has intestines!

It might sound good, it might not. I guess I’ll find out in a week or so – each one will require about half a 1kg spool of filament to build (3 shells, 15% infill) and ~30 hours print time for each. Not sure I have any full spools handy, especially not in a color I’d use.

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