Vision of things to come

This webspace is going to primarily be a host for publishing various projects I’m working on. First up will likely be a simple soundcard-based TNC interface for amateur packet radio. Might be picture-oriented, might be video, who knows? My soldering skills are improving, but are nowhere near good, so don’t bash what you see too much – it only gets better with practice.

Next will probably be a refit of a Compaq Portable 486, replacing the screen and innards with something more modern and functional. The original hardware works great, or did once I replaced the plug on the original keyboard (a pin had broken off), but the screen flickered and flashed horribly, and a monochrome display makes some things difficult. I couldn’t even play Solitaire on the Win3.11 install! (all the red cards showed up blank)

The site itself will also change and evolve over time, mostly cosmetics though, not purpose.


And the fonts. $deity I hate Times New Roman.

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