Major site changes incoming

Alright, so I’m good friends with, and we both tend to share a lot of the same kind of interests and content.
This site was originally intended, as evidenced by the name, to be a lot more ham radio focused than it’s ended up, and a lot more general project nerdery. is run by a fantastic dude with some excellent knowledge and projects upcoming, but like me, often lacks the time to work on things except in spurts where we DO ALL THE THINGS.

In order to increase our postcounts and look a lot busier than we really are, will be merging with All the content will remain, just under a different name.
The Shapcano mirror, the HP Envizex boot updates, etc will all still be available.

So in a week or so, update your bookmarks to for the best weird computer necromancy and random attempts at speaker design and actual improvements to arcade and game console hardware – no bullshit “enhancements”, these are tried and tested ways of making these systems work how they should have from the get-go.

Thanks for all the fish!

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  1. james (Post author)

    Oh, his site’s down for the moment following a server crash. That’s one of the things that the merge will help with 🙂


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