Things have been a little quiet lately, Texas Renaissance Festival opening was this past weekend, my grandmother passed away last week and her funeral was Tuesday, and haven’t really had time to work on stuff.

Added another project I want to get done here ASAP though, before I get back on the packet radio stuff.
Been needing an LM1881-based video sync splitter circuit for awhile, so I bit the bullet and ordered the chip off Digikey. Realized I was still missing a couple of caps and resistors, so ran to Fry’s last night and picked those up. Hopefully I’ll get that all done tonight and have the PS2 hooked up looking glorious by the end of the evening.
Cracked my phone screen Saturday morning as well, ordered replacement screen, hopefully it’ll be here today. Regardless, I’ll have something to work on tonight

The cider batches are coming along well, I think they’re nearing the end of primary fermentation, and will soon be ready for racking.

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