and it’s been awhile… (aka the attack of the holidays)

And the season is upon us. Random thoughts and happenings for the past month or so to follow.

I did eventually upgrade to Win8, initially on the laptop, but then on the new desktop. It’s all tiny and cute and ballsy.
Traded the older Macbook Pro for the desktop+Powerbook5,4 (15″, 1.5GHz G4). In the process of installing Gentoo on it now. Well, it’s installed, still getting it all set up. I plan to have ghpsdr3 and/or gnuradio running on it as a mobile SDR base eventually.

Racked 2 ciders: the small half-pomegranate and the 1gallon slight-pomegranate, and bottled the spiced apple/pear. I think that one’s gonna turn out pretty well.

A number of other things have been done, hooked up the old tape deck and digitized my (new) Jim Guthrie – Ballad of the Space Babies cassette. It’s actually very surprising how good it sounds.
I put in a cassette of Vangelis – China (POLD-0518, Polydor 1979) and it sounds fantastic. I had a friend of mine over at the time and he was blown away.
Granted, it’s going through a good amp and some very nice speakers from roughly the same era. Still, the fact that it lasted this long is a testament to the medium.

This is the last weekend of the Texas Renaissance Festival, so if you’re in the Houston area, come out and endure the crowd for some good times.

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